Shootout Poker
Lowball Showdown


These two games are the only casino table games which allow players to play against each other and concurrently play against the house. SOP is Texas Hold ’em with a dealer button, normal rules and strategies apply. LBSD uses the 7 card stud Lo-ball format to offer players a very easy way to play poker on the casino floor. It is interesting to note that three of the five games played in the H.O.R.S.E event in the WSOP championship incorporate a low format.

These games were created for table players who dislike the time or betting constraints of a poker room, and do not want to play with far more experienced players or against the pros. They were designed for the casual table player’s enjoyment. Table stakes apply. The maximum bet is equal to the total of the Best Hand bets.

Both games are for table players who want a fresh approach to gaming. They offer the challenge of competition and the use of poker skills to strategic thinkers who may not otherwise be attracted to casino table games. The combination of betting against the house first, and then using the same cards in a wager against the other players, helps players to develop strategies and adds new enthusiasm and interest to casino gaming. Shootout Poker and Lo-Ball Showdown provide additional action to the players by encouraging them to see cards all the way to the river. As a result, players play hands they wouldn’t normally play without the fear of being raised out. This in turn results in an extra house edge as inferior hands usually won’t beat the dealer’s cards.

Casino-banked table games lack the challenge of competition among the players because they are only playing against the House. Poker games lack the opportunity of playing to win against the casino, since the betting consists only of the player’s bets against each other. Further, there are no bonus opportunities. By joining the two, we have developed a unique new way to provide more revenue to the casino.

The casino realizes a double benefit by adding an extra profit center by combining the rake with the house edge. The house does not participate in either game and takes a 10% rake which is usually capped at $10 on a $5 minimum table. The rake varies with the size of the game. Both games are easy to understand and have been tested at Jacks or Better Casino in Jacksonville, FL and are holding 35%.

With the advent of these two new revolutionary games the casinos will experience a whole new wave of table game enthusiasts who will add to those who will migrate to these games from the current group of boring, non-action table games.










Table Games Conference December 2-4 2012